Using ANF Discs to Increase Endurance, Strength, and Performance

The benefits of ANF Therapy are numerous. The therapy's main purpose is to remove invisible inflammation, toxins, and free radicals in the body. In effect, it presents and results benefits to an individual. For the most part, it can reduce pain by least fifty percent within 15 minutes of treatment. It also increases performance, endurance, and muscle movement as well as the body’s self-healing ability. More importantly, the discs used in the treatment is free of chemical and organic substances. It can be used on babies and elderly and everyone between.

For athletes, using ANF Therapy helps reduce injuries, pain, pulse, lactic acid accumulation, stomach problems, stress, and cramps. Apart from these, users of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can enjoy efficient muscle building, 80% faster immune system regeneration, quality sleep, and improved red blood cells production.

"Young Union representative player using the Amino Neuro Frequency discs to increase endurance, strength and performance. Not only are they great for pain and injuries, but can benefit the body in many different ways."

- MK Body Therapy

ANF Therapy can also be used to boost an athlete's performance level. You can also choose to support your immune system and reduce the risk for new injuries by applying a maintenance treatment. Contact ANF to know more on how this therapy can boost your athletic skills and benefit your athletic performance.

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