Is it a Cardiac Arrest, Angina, a Heart Attack or a Stroke?

Have you seen before that classic dramatic scene in a movie, someone puts his hands on his chest, complains about severe pain, and then he falls unconscious to the ground? Of course, we all did. The first thing that comes up to your mind is that he may have a "stroke" or a "heart attack."…
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What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Sleeping is important to all of us. It is a basic need, which if not met, will have dire consequences both in our body and mind. Because of a lot of distraction that are presented to us, most of us suffer from not getting enough sleep. If you find yourself in this no-sleep group, you…
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Understanding Anxiety

All things considered, anxiety is a natural and healthy response to an external stimulus. During times of extraordinary situation (i.e. an unfamiliar person or sound, giving a speech, flying, being in an accident), we should be in a heightened or aroused state as a normal response. Typically, when the stressful episode is over, we are…
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The Effects of Diabetes on Your Body

A person who suffers from diabetes produces too little insulin (or none at all) in the pancreas. The insulin in the body cannot be produced or used effectively. This condition allows blood glucose levels to increase while the rest of the cells in the body is not able to utilize much needed energy. High blood…
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Waking Up to an Invisible Epidemic

The idea that our body represents more danger than any outside ailment is quite a revelation. It's genuinely unthinkable that we may possess a greater health risk to our well-being. As a human being we have been unaware of one of the greatest epidemic of the twenty first century. This modern plague is caused by…
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Symptoms of Dopamine Deficiency

When you have a dopamine deficiency, your emotions cannot be correctly regulated. The most common dopamine deficiency symptoms are similar to the signs associated with clinical depression because in both cases, mental impulses that alleviate intense feeling of loneliness and sadness are inhibited dopamine deficiency, your emotions cannot be correctly regulated. How to Know If…
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