The Effects of Diabetes on Your Body

A person who suffers from diabetes produces too little insulin (or none at all) in the pancreas. The insulin in the body cannot be produced or used effectively. This condition allows blood glucose levels to increase while the rest of the cells in the body is not able to utilize much needed energy. High blood…
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Waking Up to an Invisible Epidemic

The idea that our body represents more danger than any outside ailment is quite a revelation. It's genuinely unthinkable that we may possess a greater health risk to our well-being. As a human being we have been unaware of one of the greatest epidemic of the twenty first century. This modern plague is caused by…
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Symptoms of Dopamine Deficiency

When you have a dopamine deficiency, your emotions cannot be correctly regulated. The most common dopamine deficiency symptoms are similar to the signs associated with clinical depression because in both cases, mental impulses that alleviate intense feeling of loneliness and sadness are inhibited dopamine deficiency, your emotions cannot be correctly regulated. How to Know If…
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Dehydration Affects Your Health

You get dehydrated when you use up or lose too much fluid in your body than you take in. When you don’t replace water and fluids that you have lost, your body is not able to perform and carry out its normal tasks, and you get dehydrated. Two-thirds of the human body is made up…
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How Stress Affects Your Body

We all deal with stressful tasks and situation every day. They are an unavoidable part of life. How you react to these tense moments will pose an impact on your body and your overall heath. Your thoughts, your feelings, your behavior and your whole body are all affected by stress. It depletes your energy, lessens…
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Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drinking Soda

The consumption of this sugar-laden drink pose far more health risks than you may have realized. Regularly drinking soda can be linked to various health risks such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and obesity. Studies have shown that on average, an American drink 38 gallons of soda every year –…
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