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3 Important Health Benefits of Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy

Just sit for a minute and imagine a world where patients would no longer take drugs but use natural therapeutic methods to heal themselves. That’s exactly what Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) therapy is all about. Amino Neuro Frequency therapy has become one the best therapeutic techniques for normalizing several medical problems. With ANF therapy, you…
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Knee Osteoarthritis

Treating Knee Osteoarthritis with ANF Therapy Pain, swelling and lack of range of motion are the main complaints of any kind of arthritis. It might affect any of your joints, but usually it develops on hands, hips, knees or on your vertebral spine. When the knees are affected by osteoarthritis, patients experience a negative impact…
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Is it a Cardiac Arrest, Angina, a Heart Attack or a Stroke?

Have you seen before that classic dramatic scene in a movie, someone puts his hands on his chest, complains about severe pain, and then he falls unconscious to the ground? Of course, we all did. The first thing that comes up to your mind is that he may have a "stroke" or a "heart attack."…
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Understanding ANF Therapy

I hope the following clarification will shed some light on understanding what ANF Therapy is about. It is all about being able to strengthen frequencies and signalisation. Clear inflammation and get the body back to its normal state. In the past century alone, there have been many studies done on frequencies and their importance to…
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