Just treated my first client and it was amazing!! ANF really will change everything!! She left feeling better than she has in years.

Liam Buell, Owner, Manual Therapy

This technology transformed my life and helps my patients heal faster than I ever thought possible!

Dr. Perry Nickleston, Chiropractic Physician, Owner of Stop Chasing Pain

I had been in such pain for over 3 years and nothing had helped me. My pain, inflammation, and loss of motion because of my "frozen shoulder" was unbearable.

The results were incredible and almost immediate!

Dr. Tererai Trent, Humanitarian, motivational speaker, educator, author, and founder of Tererai Trent International.

Today is the start of a new learning experience for me & I am SO EXCITED!!!! Nothing else comes close to the amazing results produced by Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy.... pain, swelling, range of motion & more are dramatically changed for the good in minutes without drugs!!! Reestablish the frequencies & allow the body to heal itself!!!!

Hal Richardson, RMT - Olympics Medical staff for USA Track & Field Owner of Athletic Performance Enrichment Specialists