I have taken several great courses but at times, there was something I couldn't do or I didn't get expected results. With ANF therapy, I am better equipped and got more resources to help many more with almost anything imaginable. Happy I got into this therapy which quickly became my #1 therapy. Thanks for the education, my clients and myself love it 🙂

2 minute after I left Sue Buttlers office all my pain had disappeared wow wow wow.
She makes miracles and you better believe it.

When you see the power of ANF discs in action, you say... amazing, when you feel them working & youre pain level of 9 down to a level 0 in about 3 til 5minutes, that is an incredibly good moment. Thank you so much ANF.

Thank you to our wonderful instructors and fellow therapists over the past week. I let go of years of blocked emotional stress, and opened my brain like a matrix on steroids.
I haven’t had a good run in 7 years and this morning I ran 4.6km in 28 min in the Florida heat. And didn’t need sugar in my coffee!!!!
I can honestly say I’m returning home a new women!!
Mikel...I think you should call course 9 cellular psychology...and I want to learn it all 😜

Denise Cameron,

Incredible four days, unlike anything I have ever seen. Can’t wait to begin helping people with this technique!

Nick Woods,

Was an awesome experience. Looking forward to what the future will bring with this amazing technology

David Camilleri,

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