I have been experiencing positive results and can only say I'm very impressed with the product and my practitioner.

Jeff Beaumont,

When Nothing Else Helps...Those were the words that first got my attention. People come see me for therapy when they've tried everything and NOTHING ELSE HELPED. I am seeing results in my most difficult to solve pain cases. People who have been suffering for many years. When nothing else helps...ANF is magic!!

Kimberly LeFore,

The concept of ANF Therapy is wonderful. Treatment with ANF Therapy like magical wand of Harry Potter where we touches we see magical results.

Keyur Patel,

Just amazed at how this modality is revolutionizing how pain and inflammation is being addressed. The results are simply jaw dropping! Chad Polley is by far one of the best instructors I've had the opportunity to learn from. If you are considering taking an ANF course, make sure Dr. Polley is teaching! His knowledge, ability to convey the information to everyone, regardless of their educational background is top notch! One of the best courses I've taken!

Rodger Fleming,

I am Dr.Abhishek Kumar Gupta working in W Prtiksha Hospital Gurgaon & feeling so crazy after doing ANF course ANF therapy gives a really amazing results that I have never seen in my past practice.
Now ANF therapy boost up my clinical skills.

I would be highly obliged to my mentor & Boss Dr.Akshay Arora who teach me this awesome therapy.

Abhishek Gupta,

Very odd therapy when you first go, you think what’s going on!! But it does work! really happy with my results, so went back yesterday and have a review on Monday...

Angela Holden-Davies,

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