By far the most wholehearted and effective treatment method ever seen.
With holistic approach to the patients and with the use of hands, eyes and devices, that are 100% free from chemicals and other substances.
You won't believe it until you've tried and seen it.

Bettina Redder,

When you see the power of ANF disks in action, you go wow, when you feel them working & go from a shoulder pain level of 8 down to a 0 in about 2 minutes, that is a OMG moment. Thank you so much

Tony Walsh,

Grateful to add Amino Neuro Frequency to one of the services at the Garcia Institute of Modern Excellence! This course, and the therapy itself, provides excellence! Thank you for sharing the gifts of ANF with the world!

Kimberly Garcia,

Absolutely fantastic! I can help patients better than ever!

Karin Österreicher,

Amazing-personally and professionally so much change experiences. Get involved!!

Camilla Dempster,

OMG this has been amazing. I have had great results with the patches for helping to ease my chronic pain in my back. I give it a 10 out of 10 but just a shame is is expensive and the patches only last 3 days. maybe one day the patches will be bigger and will provide much more relief. thank you again for this excellent therapy.

Colleen Webber,

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