Liver Detox

Liver Detox

Your liver is an adaptable and resilient organ. It’s very remarkable to know that it performs over 500 different functions in the body.

Daily, your liver supports your basic functions by providing you with energy, filtering out toxins, helping in proper blood clotting, fighting off many infections, regulating body hormones, and many others.

We subject the liver to lots of stress every day, from eating not-so-healthy food, taking medication, and questionable lifestyle choices.

The liver can process everything we drink and eat. It clears out toxins and wastes while passing along the vitamins & nutrients that we need.

Your liver performs and does a lot for the body, so you’ll be able to notice when it is not working optimally. The liver needs care and maintenance to function at an optimal level.

If toxins accumulate, it can cause serious problems. Additionally, conditions like obesity and diabetes are linked to fatty liver disease and liver cancer.

In essence, taking care of your liver is generally straightforward; you need to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Symptoms of a toxic liver:

-Abdominal pain/engorgement
-Bitter taste in the mouth
-Loss of appetite
-High cholesterol
-Fluid retention in the abdomen
-Skin sensitivity/outbreaks
-Dark urine
-Gallbladder attacks

How To Support Your Liver?

1. Limit your alcohol consumption 

A can of beer or a glass of wine now and then can be beneficial in some ways, but drinking more than that can harm your liver. The metabolic by-product of alcohol consumption and the resulting inflammation can cause damage to this vital organ.

To give your liver a break, avoid drinking alcohol for at least one week. Then, you can slowly reintroduce light to moderate drinking after that. To keep your liver from overtaxing, drink no more than 1-2 glasses a few times a week.

2. Lose some weight 

Researchers have found a definite link between obesity and liver disease.

Obesity is defined as carrying too much body fat, but being overweight means carrying more than a healthy weight for your height.

From a therapeutic point of view, weight loss is a foundation for the treatment and prevention of disease.

3. Avoid eating processed food

Eating a lot of processed food taxes our liver, even if you are not overweight or obese. Processed food, including fast food and soda, contain a lot of sugar, salt trans fat, GMOs, chemicals, and other bad stuff.

Not only are they bad for the liver, but our body as a whole. Replace these processed foods with real whole foods so your liver can heal. In addition, you will also definitely feel a lot better.

4. Avoid or reduce over-the-counter pain medications 

Pain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen are harmful to your liver. They can block liver enzymes that regulate inflammation, cause bleeding throughout the digestive system and ultimately cause liver damage and failure when used regularly.

5. Detox with water

Increasing your water intake will help your liver clear out the toxins in your body. Most of us don’t drink enough water, so it also lessens our ability to flush out all the bad stuff in the body and replenish our supportive nutrition. 

6. Eat healthy fats

Healthy fats like those found in fruits and vegetables support the liver by providing antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and other good nutrients. Sources of healthy fat include avocado, coconut, flaxseed, olive/olive oil, and hemp. 

7. Increase exercise

Exercising helps your body. Moving your body gets your blood flowing, muscles strengthened, toxins eliminated, reduces stress, and improves your sleep.

Even following a moderate exercise regimen has significant benefits in reducing liver fat in people with fatty liver disease. Exercise regularly to heal & maintain a healthy liver and for natural liver detox.

Can ANF Therapy® Help With Issues Related To Liver?

Exercising and weight loss are key in the prevention and treatment of liver diseases. If you cannot exercise because of injury and pain, we may help decrease pain and inflammation and restart your physical activity to achieve greater health.

Do not wait until lab tests show high levels of cholesterol, start today to feel better. The main goal will be to help the body reduce the inflammation and swelling that can cause damage to the liver cells.

One of the many benefits of ANF Therapy® is the detox it provides to the whole body.

It is part of the healing process of removing toxins from the body. Combining different ANF Discs may help in normalizing/optimizing/strengthening your body functions such as the immune system, lymphatic system, nervous system, organs, and cardiovascular system.

Patient Statement


About ANF Therapy®

ANF Therapy® uses circular ANF Discs, which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974.

The ANF Therapy® purpose is alleviation in injury and pain within minutes

Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion and an improvement in quality of life related to health.

Non-transdermal non-invasive device, NO needles or chemicals are used.

If you are experiencing liver issues and want to know how ANF Therapy® can help you, contact us to get the best holistic treatment that addresses the root cause of your issue.

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