Amino Neuro Frequency Discs: The Secret of Reducing Pain

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Do you know that there is an affordable non-chemical treatment method that can help you reduce pain? The name of this technique is called Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF Therapy®), a method of pain therapy developed by the renowned therapist Dr Mikel H-G Hoff who is also mentoring worldwide ANF providers.

What is special about ANF Therapy® is that it can assist you to normalize the main cause of your pains, and you will feel significant amelioration of your pains within 5-15 minutes. This therapy works by repairing damaged or aberrant frequencies which are the major sources of pains in your nervous system.

What are ANF Discs?

Amino Neuro Frequency discs, CE/TGA registered Medical Class I, FDA licensed, are soft thin circular discs made of 28.4% carbonized metal. The main purpose of Amino Neuro Frequency discs is to release, receive, and send frequencies which in turn help patients normalize their body functions and minimise pains. For patients to enjoy this benefit like many clients who have testified to the efficacy of this therapy, ANF discs must be applied on their skin for up to 72 hours before they are replaced with new ones, until the injury is fully normalized.

Types of ANF Discs

As at today, we have more than 170 ANF disc types. Each one of them has their specific uses and their specific frequency. For instance, some of them are used to prevent or reduce emotional stress and mental fatigue. Other ANF discs are used to normalize pains and inflammations, while others have specific functions for different treatments.

How ANF Discs Work?

The nervous system consists of the two parts: the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). However, the CNS monitors and coordinates every part of the body system by sending nerve signals via the PNS in the form of electrochemical waves. But sometimes, these signals are weak and do not reach some parts of the body system due to inflammations which are usually caused by bacteria. This happens most times when patients are having pains.

What Amino Neuro Frequency discs do is simple. When they are applied on different parts of the patient’s skin, these discs reduce the body pains in less than 5-15 minutes by correcting the weak signals and initiating a self-healing process.

If there is one feeling everyone dislikes, that would be pains. No one wants to endure any atom of pains for long, let alone engage in any activity that would cause terrible pains. And the best way you can say bye bye to pains is to contact us today so that we can recommend an ANF therapist for you. If you are having recurring pain issues for more than 3 months we recommend a Holistic ANF Practitioner. Otherwise, for pain and discomfort that have occurred within the last 3 months, we recommend a Pain or Holistic ANF Therapist.


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