Lupus Pain and Inflammation

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Lupus is an auto-immune chronic disease wherein you own immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks your otherwise healthy and normal tissues. In this case, the immune system is not able to recognize the difference between the body’s antigens and healthy tissue. Unable to differentiate between the two, antibodies also attacks the body’s healthy tissue instead of just the antigens. This condition causes various symptoms including pain, swelling, inflammation, and damage to your joints, skin, blood, tissues, brain and internal organs (kidneys, heart and lungs).

Worldwide, about five million people suffer from some form of lupus. Most doctors believe that this condition results from both genetic and environmental stimuli. More than 90% of lupus sufferers are women and it is most common in people between 15-45 years old.

Lupus has no known cure for the moment, but symptoms of the disease can be controlled with medication. Although there is no cure, lupus and its symptoms can be controlled with medication. Typical treatments for lupus include corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs and lifestyle changes.

ANF Therapy® Before and After: Lupus

However, if you want to explore other treatments to deal with lupus, ANF Therapy® has been successful in treating symptoms of this condition. Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy not only deals with lupus symptoms but also takes into account the underlying cause. One patient (see image) had significant breakthrough on her lupus symptoms after just one session of ANF treatment.

Before and After: Lupus
Before and After: Lupus

Along with a healthy lifestyle, less stress and less exposure to sunlight and smoking, this disease can certainly be correctly managed. Should you be interested in considering ANF Therapy® for lupus, please contact us for more details.

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