Torn ACL & Subluxing Patella

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ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) sprain or tear is one of the most common knee injuries (sports-related or otherwise). Three bones meet to form a knee joint: thighbone (femur), shinbone (tibia) and kneecap (patela). To provide protection, the kneecap sits in front of the joint. At the same time, there are also ligaments. These hold the bones together and keep the knee stable.

The knee is essentially a hinged joint that is held together by four primary ligaments: medial collaterla (MC), lateral collateral (LCL), anterior cruciate (ACL) and posterior cruciate (PCL) ligaments.

ACL injury is often associated with the mechanism of deceleration coupled with cutting, pivoting or sidestepping maneuvers, awkward landings or “out of control” play.

As several studies have shown, this injury is higher in female athletes than male athletes in certain sports. This maybe due to to differences in physical conditioning, muscular strength, and neuromuscular control.

While ACL injury is certainly common in people, animals can also suffer from this ailment. ANF Therapy® can help address this injury both in humans and animals.

For people looking into holistic, non-chemical solutions for their beloved pets who suffer from ACL injuries and associated impairment, ANF Therapy® can help treat the condition.

Testimonial of an ACL injury case in a dog:

“This little guy overdid it playing and started limping more on his leg that has a partially torn ACL and subluxing patella. Placed a few ANF discs on him for pain and inflammation along with some much needed antioxidant discs and energy discs to muscles of the hip.”

“He quit limping in 10 minutes!!… He wanted back outside to play but his homework was to rest!!”

– via @meridiansportsmassage

If you want help with any ACL injury, Amino Nuero Frequency Therapy can help you. This therapy addresses its underlying cause and deals with the pain to help it heal and be better.
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