Testimonial: The Power of ANF

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ANF Therapy® has helped a lot of people with various symptoms and conditions. One particular case that we want to share with everyone is by a 79-year old patient. He was in excruciating pain while performing even the most basic everyday stuff, sitting down and standing up from a chair. He could hardly walk with the help of walker without sighing in pain.

This patient also had scoliosis, experiencing cervical pain and had the worst pain all thoracic and lumbar areas. To add to all his body issues, he is also a heavy smoker, coffee drinker without drinking ample water, and had several (five) herniated discs from L1 to S1. His body had huge asymmetries as shown in photos (see below).

Great Results After a 20-minute ANF Evaluation, Treatment, and Manual Manipulation

After assessment and evaluation, a 20-minute ANF treatment and manual manipulation, this 79-year old patient was now able to do his daily activities. He didn’t the need his walker. Initially, he was experiencing 9 out 10 pain level.

“After treament, he no longer felt any pain. He even started doing hip flexions and extensions.”

(see photos above)

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