Knee Pain and Inflammation

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Patients with knee pain experience a negative impact on their quality of life because of disability. Many of those affected with knee pain and inflammation try different remedies to get pain relief. Research has shown that the popular over-the-counter supplements that are supposed to decrease knee pain don’t work as well as they should. You basically get the same results as taking a sugar pill.

ANF Therapy® helps patients with knee pain and their symptoms in many ways. Within their first visit, there is at least 50% decrease of pain and discomfort. They can expect to experience significant pain reduction within 5-15 minutes.

ANF Testimonial on Knee Pain:

“Patient came in with large amounts of swelling, walking on two crutches touch weight bearing 8 out of 10 pain.

ANF discs penetrating the knee joint and less than 20 mins later, swelling reduced significantly and walking again with no crutches for the first time in ten weeks.”

After treatment, pain is now down to 2
out of 10. Such a good feeling seeing this fella walk out with no crutches.

This is what it’s all about!”

– via @anthonyviolantzis

As expressed above, Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy has helped a lot of patients suffering from knee pain. Decreasing their main complaints and symptoms has made them start physical activity without pain or stiffness. They are able to begin a healthy lifestyle without medication, and experience an increase of their quality of life and well-being.

Are you suffering from knee pain? ANF Therapy® can help you. Using the treatment helps reduce injuries, pain, and inflammation. and cramps. Apart from these, users of ANF Therapy® can enjoy faster immune system regeneration and healing. Contact us for more details and experience the therapy of the future.

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    Where and how do we go about getting these patches for the knee?

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      Only ANF Therapist can buy the disc. You can visit us here to find nearest therapist in your location.

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