Back Pain Treatment with ANF Therapy® Discs

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Pain in the back (back pain) is particularly common and is one of the most prevalent reason people go to the doctor or miss work. Most people have it at least once. Back pain can be felt anywhere along the spine. It is usually around the neck, middle back, or lower back, from the neck down to the hips. This is due to the poor alignments of the muscles, discs, and bones and is often triggered by your sitting, standing, or bending positions.

Back Pain Treatment with ANF Therapy® Discs

ANF Therapy® is a method developed by Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff, an expert in nervous systems and body functions. The therapy comprises of a clinical examination and a creation of a tailored-made protocol using ANF discs. The discs are medical devices that are CE registered, Medical Class I, FDA-licensed and non-invasive. ANF discs help reduce different types of pain, including back pain.


“Back Pain? Today was my first day back to the gym since the summer. It was extremely hard to go at a slow pace (0-100 personality). I have been in agony for months. Last week, I could barely walk because of nerve damage in my heel – as if the back problem wasn’t enough! BUT… this lead me to a solution – ANF Therapy® discs.”

“After 15 mins of having these stuck on my foot, I could walk without pain! This is an insane but remarkable technology. These discs remove inflammation on contact AND they also fixed my back.”

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ANF Discs are:

– Non-invasive
– Made of carbonized metal
– Skin-friendly antibacterial 3M tape on the back
– CE & TGA registered and FDA licensed
– Over 180 different discs
– All with unique frequencies
– No chemical substances released
– Does not contain organic substances
– Works up to 72 hours

ANF Discs Applied on Skin

The best way you can say goodbye to pain and inflammation is to Contact Us today so that we can recommend an ANF therapist for you. If you are having recurring pain issues for more than 3 months we recommend a Holistic ANF Practitioner. Otherwise, for pain and discomfort that have occurred within the last 3 months, we recommend a Pain or Holistic ANF Therapist.

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