Testimonial: ANF Therapy vs Inflammation

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Inflammation in any part of the body can have a massive effect in a person’s overall health. This common issue is a manifestation of the body’s immune response as part of its defense mechanism. Moreover, it is your biological response in trying to remove irritation or something harmful (such as bacteria and viruses) in the body. Your immune system recognizes the damaged cells, irritants, and pathogens, and it begins the healing process.

The signs and symptoms of inflammation can be uncomfortable. However, they show that the body is trying to heal itself and is on the road to recovery. In some cases, inflammation can persist longer than necessary, causing more harm than benefit.

Quick Facts:
– It is the body’s attempt at self-protection to remove harmful stimuli and begin the healing process.
– It is part of the body’s immune response.
– Infections, wounds, and any damage to tissue would not be able to heal without an inflammatory response.
Chronic inflammation can eventually cause several diseases and conditions, including some cancers and rheumatoid arthritis.

Testimonial: ANF Therapy® vs Inflammation
ANF Therapy review

“@tashatay had been having numbness in her right arm and stiffness in the neck and shoulders. Super awesome that ANF Therapy® helped with these.

We tackled inflammation from the neck and down the arm. She could feel her arm getting much better after the session. Stiffness was also magically gone!”

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Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy not only deals with symptoms. The treatment also takes into account the underlying cause. After the initial ANF treatment, patients can see their therapist only every 7-14 days. When the inflammation is removed and body restored, the discs are no longer needed and rehabilitation can begin. Please Contact Us today for more details should you be interested in considering ANF Therapy®.

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