Body Pain and Bruising

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ANF Therapy® helps with pain and inflammation. This treatment also addresses muscular issues, organ dysfunctions, injuries, emotional health & focus, gut issues, Lyme disease, and so much more. ANF is a contraindication-free frequency therapy that aids in normalizing and optimizing body functions.

How ANF Therapy® Works

The body’s nervous system communicates via frequencies. When we face any type of trauma including physical, emotional, injuries, surgeries and several others, those frequencies decrease. Highly trained therapists use ANF Therapy® to optimize those frequencies again via the nervous system allowing the body to heal itself faster and more efficiently.

Client Testimonial on ANF Therapy®

“This client fell off of a ladder two weeks ago and came into me barely able to stand up or walk.

Three sessions later, client has almost no back pain and a huge decrease in both swelling & bruising.

The power of ANF is amazing.”

via @mindbodywithleah

If you are having recurring pain issues for more than 3 months we recommend a Holistic ANF Practitioner. For conditions that have occurred within the last 3 months, we recommend a Pain or Holistic ANF Therapist.

The best way you can say goodbye to pain and inflammation is to Contact Us today so that we can recommend the right ANF therapist for you.