ANF Therapy®: Solution to Calf and Hamstring Strain

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A calf strain (pulled or torn calf muscle) occurs when part of the muscles of the lower part of the leg are stretched beyond their ability to withstand tension. This can mostly happen during acceleration or during an abrupt change in direction when a person is running (in motion). Calf strain is a common injury, especially in athletes.

Pain in your calf may result from a direct injury like landing on your knee, or from repetitive movements, such as running on a slanted surface or kneeling down. When the muscle gets overused, it causes the calf to tighten. On that same note, calf tension is rarely experienced alone. There is a really good chance that your hamstrings are tight as well if you have tight calf muscles. This is because of the synergistic relationship of your hamstrings and calves.

ANF Therapy®: Solution to Calf and Hamstring Strain
Calf Pain

“Using the thermal camera to check how the ANF discs work.

Here is a before and after picture of a patient with hamstring/calf strain. First session patient could not even put the foot on the floor and left the session walking.

3 days after treatment and… booooomm. Inflammation is reduced about 90%. Gotta love this technique baby!”

– via @dr.renatavonkouh

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy helps reduce injuries, pain, pulse, stress, and cramps in the body. Apart from these benefits, users of ANF Therapy® can enjoy efficient muscle building, faster immune system regeneration, quality sleep, and improved red blood cells production.

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