ANF Testimonial: Lower Back Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), back pain is one of the most prevalent sources of distress worldwide. The pain is usually around the neck, middle back, or lower back. This is often triggered by your sitting, standing, or bending positions.

As opposed to neck pain and any other issues on the back, lower back pain causes stinging sensations in your thighs or anywhere around your legs and feet. Because of this, even simple movement such as sitting down becomes distressing and painful.

ANF Therapy®: Lower Back Pain Testimonial

Lower Back Pain

One successful case of using ANF Therapy® in addressing this issue is described below:

” John came in with bad lower back pain from a fall that happened 4 years back. He had a slight herniation in his tailbone area. He was unable to squat to put on his shoes before the treatment.

After using ANF discs to tackle the inflammation, he felt so much better. He was even able to squat and put on his shoes again!”

– Eugene Tan @movementunlocked

ANF Therapy® minimizes pain and inflammation by correcting the broken frequencies and normalizing body functions. Here is how it works: to ameliorate your condition and issues, ANF therapists examine your body to know the source of the any pain felt in the back. Then, emitting wearable devices known as ANF discs are used to correct inflammations by repairing the weak or damaged frequencies causing you these issues. No drugs, chemicals or surgery are required during this therapy.

Amino Neuro Frequency treatment has assisted many patients to reduce all kinds of body pain, which includes neck injuries and lower back pain. This is done by addressing and treating not only the symptoms but more importantly, the root cause of the problem. After the initial ANF treatment, patients can see will only need to see their therapist only every seven to fourteen days.

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