What is ANF Therapy®?

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Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF Therapy®) is a non-thermal EMF device, classified as a “biofield therapy” as supported by the research of Muehsam et al. (2015):

Recent research has demonstrated “the existence of these extremely weak EMF effects suggests the possibility of bio information flow at extremely low energies and could foreshadow a paradigm shift away from the biochemical paradigm towards an information oriented model where weak EMF signaling plays an ESSENTIAL role in biological regulation”.

This means we can observe the device’s influence in the nervous system through measuring its EMF.

How Do ANF Discs Hold Frequencies?

An ANF disc is composed of a 28.4% carbon metal alloy. The frequency is embedded into it using an ‘Accelerator Frequency Generator’ (AFG) using “coax cables attached to a large vacuum control box. The vacuum box maintains a 0.05 PSI during disc programming. This allows the AFG to send specific frequencies into the box without the normal atmosphere around then causing interference.

Dr. Mikel H-G Hoff, Founder and Inventor of ANF Holistic Therapy

With the use of nanoscale technology, Amino Neuro Frequency discs can store and emit pre-programmed frequencies. Once activated, the discs can be used for a continuous 72 hours. ANF discs do not require an electrical source, hence making them conveniently “wearable.”

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