What’s Upcoming on ANF Therapy® in 2020

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A message from Dr. Mikel HG Hoff, Founder and Inventor of ANF Holistic Therapy:

All right. Hello everybody, this is Dr. Mikel here from ANF Academy in Spain. As usual, I hope you always doing well out there. I hope you also buy the Christmas and New Year and get a good start in 2020. New decade, a decade that will be very interesting for all of us in ANF. And I think we will help more people than ever than we’ve (really) done before. And I hope you all is doing everything you can to promote ANF appear on social media, everywhere else for friends and whatever it is.

I do a short video, this is not Help Desk. This is just for telling you what’s upcoming and also try to encourage you to do some education and stuff. Because, why? Yes, in April from date – let’s see here 21 to 24 of April, will I be in Hollywood, California and do level five and six. For all of you guys that is in America or anywhere in the world at have done three and four and feel you’re up to do five and six. You are more than welcome to sign up as soon as possible because it’s very limited space. And this is the five or six I will do in America because now we have instructors for one, two, three, or four and they take care of those dedications in the US of A and I will come and do the higher level.

So please look in your calendar and already now, and maybe if you’re lucky, you have level three or four, if you haven’t done that so you can come to Hollywood in April and do five and six. Also, if you want to repeat it. So it’s first to sign up, we’ll also have a spot of course.

And then from 26 to 28 of April comes something new. Because I have decided now to take this clinical training to a little bit different level. So I will start teaching clinical surgery techniques – that means how to do surgery with your hands, to find out a source or a problem. How to do certain nerve blocking to find out where really is the problem also how to do it through the organs and stuff like this and this is of course something totally new.

And the clinical surgery training is open for all of you that really wants to learn how to use the hands properly so for all you that is one, two, three, four, whatever – sign up as soon as it comes up. I know that Mohammed is working on it right now to get it, will be limited space because we don’t have so much space in the facility so we can have a lot of people. So it will probably be sold out very, very, fast. So keep your eyes open and check it out as fast as you can. Then, from 30 of April to 3rd of May, same location will we have level 8 is all for you.

And we have a lot in America as well but also rest of the world that feel now I’m ready to do the level 8 exam. That means 10 hours of theoretical test one day, and one day if you pass that with practical test one hour, one and a half. Before that, you have two days of repetition, clinical repetition and stuff like this and time for questions.

If you want to do level eight exam, please study. It’s not easy. Because the purpose with this Academy training is to get it recognized in very high levels. So I can tell you that you need to study and be prepared. Look at all the videos, go through all the powerpoints when you’re done before. Also, look at my lectures that I have done. That it’s also a lot of links in teamwork and stuff like this so you are really really prepared to do it. Because this is of course nice to have the certificate holistic practitioner.

So what else will be happening? I want to take the purpose here now also to give you some information about Sportfreqs. Because after a long time we have discussed Sportfreqs and what to do with it and what is the problem with Sportfreqs. And for me, it’s been very clear from the beginning. So what will be happening?

Sportfreqs as it is will only be for performance and recovery in professional sports. So why this? Because in any team, in any way, the team have special people for performance and performance coaches and this kind of stuff. And they have special team for the medical part. ANF is the medical device that we use for medical healing processes and stuff like this. So therefore, if anyone in the team want to learn how to use the disc for injuries and all these kind of stuff, they need to do ANF education. Because that is more in-depth and more detailed. And it’s very important they understand how to use it properly.

Sportfreqs will only be performance and recovery. We talk to a lot of big team and action teams, whatever. And this is very important for them that this is can be applied by the performance coach or even the players themselves. If they have their own develop private protocol, they know how to apply it before the game and also recovery after game or for sleeping or stuff like this.

So in Sportfreqs, there will be no disc for treating pain in your diseases or anything else – there they need to learn ANF. And I hope you also like this because for me it makes a lot more sense instead of going in. Because ANF is what everybody want to use if they want to use it for injuries or any kind of medical issue. Because people know that what it is and heard about it and they google it and all this kind of stuff.

So this was a video a little bit of that. So remember, April. I will be back in America in October with the same program. For you guys that are now maybe level 1 & 2, so you have time to do 3 and 4 and come to 5 & 6 in October. Because you need to work minimum 2 to 3 months in between before and upload all your cases before you can appreciate all these education. Because it is a medical education and and a lot of people look at the hours and stuff that you have done. And we need also to secure the quality of everything we do. Because we are now ISO 13485, whatever it is as a medical device, which also stands for love and lot of things in medical world. So a lot of things is happening this year.

And also, I’m gonna be – if any one of you is out there in Middle East. I’m gonna do Level one, two, three, four in Saudi Arabia which I’m looking very much forward to. It’s going to be in February. That will also come up in ANFcourses.com if you want to go there because they open the country. And I’m so curious and you have visa on site when you land there so that is really cool. I’m really looking forward to see Riyadh, and meet Waleed and all people of Saudi and see what we can do there. I know that will be awesome. Yeah, and it’s a lot of other travels that will be done that to come up later. But February Saudi Arabia, if you’re curious of that go there. I think it will be a blast and also America in April.

See the video again, if you don’t remember or go to ANFcourses.com. Sign up before it’s too late because it will go fast. Have a really nice day and keep on helping, and keep on loving, keep on caring about your patient. Don’t forget – you make a hell of a difference, all of you. Thank you. Bye bye.

I will be later today on ANF Instagram. I’ll talk a little bit about migraine and cardiovascular problems and I hope you will be watching that as well. Take care, love you all. Bye bye.