Diabetes Complications

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People who suffer from diabetes experience various complications affecting almost all the major system in the body. Among these common chronic health problems related to diabetes it could also include: damage to the large blood vessels (macrovascular issues) and damage to the small blood vessels in the eyes, kidneys, feet and nerves (microvascular issues).

Diabetec Retinopathy. Visual disturbances like floaters result from damaged blood vessels in the eyes. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to vision loss or blindness.

Glaucoma and Cataracts. Diabetes leads to an increased risk of cataracts and glaucoma. The risk is higher compared to people who don’t have diabetes.

Nerve Damage, often described as feeling “pins and needles” on the skin is often a complication of diabetes. Also, nerve damage can change how you feel cold, heat and pain. This increases a person’s risk of injuries.

Foot Problems. One of the effects of diabetes is an increased risk of calluses, foot wounds and infections or ulcers of the foot. Problems in the foot can be caused by nerve damage from high blood sugar as well as decreased blood circulation to your feet.

ANF Therapy® Can Address Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications

Another happy customer to conclude our day!
Today we treated Mdm Hasni for glaucoma and general weakness in her legs. When she first came in, she was only able to see my nose a meter away due to her blurred vision. She was also unable to stand/walk for long as her legs tend to feel heavy.

After treatment, Mdm Hasni was able to see the number of fingers her son was showing at a distance away and even forgot that she was standing as her legs were feeling much lighter and no longer giving her issues. She was happy to test her legs and could even walk a distance. This is what her son has to say after the treatment:

“It was such an amazing experience with Eugene after we have brought our Mom for a session with him. She used to have difficulty with her eyesight (for over 10 years) due to diabetes. Recently, she felt easily worn out after a few steps of walking over a short distance.

Amazingly, right after just a session with Eugene, she definitely feel much, much better. She is now able to see, walk and stand better! Highly recommend Eugene!!! Thank You!”

– Eugene Tan @movementunlocked

ANF Therapy® Patient

ANF Therapy® combines different ANF discs so that all body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production) are normalized and optimized. Our highly trained ANF Therapists can address and help you combat and manage the effects of diabetes. They will be there to provide positive results for our patients. Contact us to get help.