ANF Therapy® Testimonial: Frozen Shoulder

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Did you know that the symptoms of frozen shoulder usually develop and appear gradually? Those suffering of frozen shoulder typically experience stiffness, pain and a limited range of motion which can greatly affect their ability to get through daily activities.

Over time, the affected shoulder becomes very hard to move. If left undetected and untreated, this condition may worsen. Frozen shoulder commonly affects people aged 40 years old and older but women have a higher likelihood of developing it.

In addition, individuals with diabetes are at an increased risk for developing frozen shoulder. Estimates show that this affects about 3% of the population.

Post-Treatment Results Using ANF Therapy®


Post-Treatment Results Using ANF Therapy®

We treated Mdm Dewi for her frozen shoulder today and check out the improvement that she got with ANF Therapy® after a single treatment session. Below is her post-treatment review:

“I came in with Frozen Shoulder. I experienced sharp pain in certain areas and have gotten ANF Therapy® treatment from Eugene.
Still don’t understand how it works but amazingly, it works. Within minutes, the pain went off and I could move my right hand higher than before I came in. Thanks Eugene!”

– via Eugene Tan @movementunlocked

ANF Therapy® has shown great results in treating all kinds of frozen shoulder issues. The discs can deliver results after only 5 minutes. ANF Therapist will address not only the symptoms of your condition but more importantly, treat the underlying cause.

We are always glad to be able to help. Experiencing symptoms? Contact us.