Reduced Knee Pain After First Session

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Patients suffering from knee pain experience their symptoms in various ways. Some will complain of pain and swelling while others will endure a lack of range of motion. If they are unlucky, they can experience all these symptoms. When the knees are in pain, your quality of life is negatively impacted due to disability.

ANF Therapy Review: Knee Pain Due to Arthritis

Ending the week with our most satisfying case of the day! Mdm Norifah came in limping and requiring support from her son as she was suffering from bad knee pain due to arthritis.

We worked on treating her issues and after the session, she felt so much relief for her knee that she cried tears of joy! This is her proudly ditching her walking stick and knee guard because she is able to walk so much better post-treatment! Read on to know what her son had to say:

“The best!!! My mom have been using crutches dues to her knee pain. After the first session alone, she can walk without the crutches. The pain reduced tremendously. She even cried because she couldn’t believe it. You guys must try it to believe it. Totally recommended!”

We are so happy for Mdm Norifah and we hope to do the same for those of you who are facing similar issues too.

– via Eugene Tan @movementunlocked


Reduced Knee Pain After First Session

ANF Therapy addresses knee pain and their symptoms holistically in several ways. Mainly, we guarantee a decrease of the patient’s pain by at least fifty percent in the first session.

Also, ANF Therapy targets the affected inflamed area or tissue, repairing neuro communication. As a result, it reduces the inflammatory process, stop the progress of tissue damage and improve the symptoms of pain and swelling.

The ANF Discs used in the therapy release frequency specifically in the affected tissue which stimulate the body to self-repair and heal itself.

Are you suffering from knee pain? ANF Therapy patients can enjoy faster immune system regeneration and healing. Contact us for more details and experience the therapy of the future.