Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

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As described by medical experts, an allergy is a person’s response to any foreign substance that is normally not harmful to your body. This allergic reaction begins in the immune system and can exist in many forms in the body.

What Happens When You Have Allergy?

If you have an allergy or allergic reaction, your body’s immune system considers an typically harmless foreign substance (called an allergen) as an invader. Thus, your immune system overreacts to this allergen by producing antibodies (Immunoglobulin E, IgE) to fight off this perceived danger. These antibodies then travel to the cells that releases histamine and other chemicals which then triggers an allergic reaction. Most common allergens include pollen, dust pet dander or fur, and certain foods like eggs, peanuts, chicken etc.

Does ANF Therapy® Help with Allergies?

Treatments for allergy involves identifying allergens and avoiding those that trigger symptoms. You should also develop an emergency action plan for severe attacks.

ANF Therapy® can be your best option if you want to permanently address allergy symptoms. Here is one patient who has successfully uses ANF Therapy® to help deal with allergies:

Christine Hellberg via @brightmountainbodywork:

While wearing ANF discs to help boost my immune system, I noticed this simple neck protocol completely eliminated my seasonal allergies. I wanted to test this on others to see if it was as successful.

ANF Treatment for Seasonal Allergies

Megan suffers from allergies all year round and was eager to give this protocol a try. She had phenomenal results. Like me, this protocol completely took away her allergy symptoms and helped her breathing!

She now has a non-pharmaceutical treatment of her allergy symptoms. Here’s what she had to say:

“I wanted to let you know my thoughts after 12 hours of wearing these (ANF discs). So yesterday was great day to start them because I was feeling really bad in my sinuses on my face and had a sinus headache all day yesterday.

This morning I woke up with no sinus congestion or headache. My nose doesn’t feel super stuffy and like I need to blow it to release any pressure up there.

I also have mitral valve prolapse which causes dyspnea. A month ago, I had an asthma attack while hiking and it “threw off” my breathing. I couldn’t take a deep breathe for over a month. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or what, but today was the first time I woke up not having that heavy feeling of not being able to breathe.

I could actually take deep breaths when I needed to without laboring and making a conscious effort to breathe.

I’ll admit I didn’t realize and hadn’t drank any water yesterday before seeing your email. The I was about to head to bed so I figured it was too late. But I’ve got my bottle with me at work and didn’t bring any diet coke with me so I’m forced to drink water. Drinking water isn’t something I do that often. Maybe this will get me on a good habit with that anyway.”

Are you or do you know anyone suffering from allergy-related symptoms? With the help of a holistic ANF treatment, you can enjoy faster immune system regeneration, quality sleep, and improved red blood cells production. You can fight off allergic reactions better with the help of ANF Therapy®. 

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