ANF Therapy® Before & After: Head Injury

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If there is one feeling that everyone dislikes, it would be experiencing pain. Having pain can be debilitating both physically and mentally. One of the worse kind is pain due to a head injury. This can be to your brain, skull, scalp and can range from a mild, small bump or bruise to a traumatic, fatal brain injury.

Head injuries are classified whether they are closed or open. Closed head injuries are those that don’t break the skull while open or penetrating head injuries occur when something breaks the scalp and enters the brain. The most common head injuries include scalp wounds, bruises, concussions, and skull fractures.

Symptoms of a minor head injury may include:
– headache
– lightheadedness
– a sensation of spinning
– mild confusion
– nausea
– temporary ringing in the ears

For severe head injuries, the symptoms include many of the symptoms of minor head injuries. Also, they can include:
– loss of consciousness
– loss of memory
– loss of muscle control
– seizures
– vomiting
– problems with balance or coordination
– serious disorientation
– eyes are unable to focus
– abnormal eye movements
– persistent or worsening headache
– mood changes
– leaking of clear fluid from the ear or the nose

As there are varying degrees of injuries, the result and treatment also differ greatly depending on the cause and how severe the head injury is. Assessing how serious it is can be hard, especially if you are just looking at the injury. Therefore, it is imperative that all head injuries be treated seriously and get assessed by a qualified medical person.

Before and After Results: Head Injury

Read on for a compelling ANF Therapy® before and after results from Tracy Richardson @hybridtherapyuk:

The power of ANF Therapy® on a head injury. (See the time/date stamped on images)

Before: Approx. 5pm yesterday following a fall and hitting head on the edge of a wall with lots of pain ~9/10 .

After: Approx. 8:30am the following morning with pain down to 3/10.

Nothing else except frequency treatment. You can see the size of the bump? It was red and turning black/ blue. The next morning and it’s, well you can see.

Yes inflammation and healing go hand in hand, but reducing pain and inflammation enhances the process. Dr. Mikel Hoff, thank you for ANF.

How ANF Therapy® Works

Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF Therapy®) is a non-chemical treatment that can help reduce pain and inflammation. This therapy works by repairing damaged frequencies which are the major sources of these issues in your nervous system.

About ANF Therapy®:
– Removes invisible inflammation
– Increases body self-healing
– Prevents stress injuries
– Enhances muscle performance

ANF treats the root cause of the problem and helps patients recover, even if other conventional treatments didn’t work out. As with mild or severe injuries, it addresses invisible inflammation so that the body can start an efficient self-healing and self-regulating process. You will feel significant improvement within five to fifteen minutes.

Please contact ANF Therapy® if you want to know more about this treatment and how it can help you address injuries.