ANF Testimonial: Backache

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Back pain is experienced by almost all people. It is also one of the most common reasons why people go to their doctor. Back pain can vary from a dull, minor pain that develops gradually to sharp, persistent pain. Whatever the intensity is, it is very uncomfortable and debilitating. Back pain can make even simple everyday movements like standing up or sitting down become difficult and painful.

The reasons for back ache commonly arise from muscle strain related to heavy physical labor, forceful movements, lifting, bending or twisting into awkward positions, or being in one position for too long. Treatment for this issue may include rest, gentle exercises, or seeing a physical therapist to address the pain.

Back Ache Testimonial

Today, we treated Julie for her backache and leg numbness. It’s always nice to hear from new customers that they were recommended by others, and for Julie, she came to know about us through her sister whom we just treated earlier this week.
Read how Julie felt after treatment:

“I came here with a nasty back ache and leg numbness.
After Eugene treated me with ANF Therapy®, both my issues were eliminated immediately.
I could walk with ease.

I can proudly say that I would highly recommend Eugene to anyone who has any health issues.”

– Eugene Tan via @movementunlocked

If you are having recurring pain issues for more than 3 months we recommend a Holistic ANF Practitioner. Otherwise, for pain and discomfort that have occurred within the last 3 months, we recommend a Pain or Holistic ANF Therapist.

Are you tired of your aches and pain giving you issues? Do you want to know more about the effectiveness of this therapy? The best way you can say goodbye to pain and inflammation is to Contact Us today so that we can recommend an ANF therapist for you. Get started now, and live a pain-free life.

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