ANF Therapy® Before and After: Rotational Spasm

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Rotational spasm including spasmodic torticollis is a condition where the head and the neck is positioned in an incorrect involuntary way. This is caused by neurological changes in the transmission of impulses to the muscles. Deformation on these parts of the patient’s body can be due to congenital and acquired factors.

Symptoms of this condition are exhibited by involuntary blinking, tremors of the head, permanent or recurrent spasmodic pains in the neck, contractions of the facial muscles, sleep issues, and a general sense of discomfort in the limbs and body.

It is imperative that treatment is administered immediately after detection or experiencing the symptoms. In this case, ANF Therapy® offers the exceptional opportunity to address rotational spasm quickly and effectively.

Before and After Results: Rotational Spasm

My little patient came to see me with a rotational spasm after a gymnastics training. She was in pain and in very bad posture (all rotated from head to pelvis).

I applied ANF discs and after only 20 minutes, she was feeling much better with significant decrease in pain and better posture.

After her second protocol, which was on the second day, she improved even more. After a few days it was gone!

– Hafsa Sliman, Physiotherapist @hafsaphysio

Wearable pain treatment and solution at any age

ANF Therapy® addresses inflammation and provides pain relief to thousands of patients via trained practitioners in more than fifty countries. By combining the different ANF discs applied on the patient, all body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production) are normalized and optimized.

ANF discs are:

  • Non-invasive
  • Made of carbonized metal
  • Skin-friendly antibacterial 3M tape on the back
  • CE & TGA registered and FDA licensed
  • Over 180 different discs
  • All with unique frequencies
  • No chemical substances released
  • Does not contain organic substances
  • Works up to 72 hours

During the therapy, no chemicals, drugs, or surgery are required. Contact ANFTherapy® to know more on how you can get started now, and live a pain-free life.