ANF Discs: How Do They Work?

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For those of us that have been fortunate enough to observe the effects first hand of a successful treatment using Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF) Discs*, it is still something of wonder.

I am a physiotherapist of 23 years experience, having a Masters in Sports Physio and have been fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the best athletes in Australia and the world. Australian physiotherapy is a conservative, non-invasive physical therapy based upon the principles of the traditional Western medical model deeply rooted in evidence based practice (EBP). So with a professional upbringing steeply rooted in research, once I saw the effects of ANF Therapy®, I was naturally drawn to the question – How does it work?

Unfortunately, the answers were a little difficult to find.

A quick google search will throw polar views on the subject. One side is inundated with testimonials, videos and anecdotal commentary of courses attended with vague reference to the actual “how” it exerts its effects. The other side is littered with what is best described as cyber trolling by “experts” (I noted one was a physiotherapist in a public hospital with 2 years experience), that had not attended a course nor got past the skin deep information that is provided by the websites.

Is it because the science is not there or is it that it is not understood?

Now, I have been fortunate. I have experienced some amazing first hand results with ANF Therapy® and been compelled to work through the courses up to being a Level 7 (of 8) practitioner. As a result, I have worked closely with the man behind ANF, Dr. Mikel Hoff, who heads up the ANF Academy in Marbella, Spain.

ANF Academy in Marbella, Spain

Dr. Hoff has spent the last 25 years working and studying frequencies and their effect on the nervous system and shares his time between lecturing across the globe, consulting with the who’s who in world sports and developing and testing new frequencies for use by ANF qualified practitioners.

ANF Therapy® first came available to the public just over 2 years ago. In that time, 700 practitioners have been trained worldwide, TGA approval has been gained across the globe, 8 levels of course structure has been written, 10,000 treatments have been delivered and over 210
different frequencies for restoring normal function has been created. Yet, the most common question heard is – “Where’s the research?”.

The answer is … the research is coming. There are currently 3 studies running on Anterior Knee pain, Parkinson’s Disease and ADHD that will be published in the coming years. But these things take time and 2 years to have achieved all of this is quite incredible.

What Do We Know of Biofrequency?

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. – Nicola Tesla

Biofrequency medicine was first documented in the 18th century when Luigi Galvani discovered bioelectricity in his famous twitching frogs legs experiment. In 1925, Lukhovsky discovered that the nucleus of cells emit electromagnetic radiation and at around the same period Royal Rife invents a “Rife machine” where he utilized frequency to treat cancer, paving the way for procedures that may still be seen in the future of medicine.

I draw your attention to the following TED talk on this subject: Shattering cancer with resonant frequencies: Anthony Holland at TEDxSkidmoreCollege

German Physicist, Fritz-Albert Popp proved that all living cells emit photons (a quantum of electromagnetic radiation) and how when each of these cells interact it creates the electro-magnetic field (EMF) of that organism. Similarly, Robert Becker reported in his book “The Body Electric” that “every single living thing has an electrical frequency”.

Frequencies are observed regularly in modern medicine today. ECG, EEG and EMG are all used in regular practice. Telecoils or “T-Coils” in hearing aids utilize a magnetic field frequency. HRV and devices such as the Omegawave are now commonplace the elite sports environment.

But how do they work?

When we consider the basic laws of electromagnetism, it is ignorance to refute the presence of an EMF with a determinable frequency in the human body. The nervous system is a ‘multi-pronged’ conductor with its complex array of neurons and inter-neurons and the nerve impulse is the charged particle exchange.

If we were to simplify this, we know that a current (charged particle exchange) creates a magnetic field in concentric circles around the conductor in the direction determined by the “right hand rule”. Together with the attraction of the electrical charge (electrical field), we have created a localized EMF.

However, in this simple case – we are talking about a single nerve.

Now, consider if there were 10 nerves. Now, consider there were 100. Now, consider there are billions, even trillions, all in different directions and all interacting as part of a Biologically
Closed Electrical Circuit (BCEC) as discussed by Nordenström in 1992. Now that is a complex EMF!

Hans Jenny (1965), the Swiss expert on cymatics, stated that “every cell has its own frequency and that a number of cells with the same frequency create a new frequency, which is harmonious with the original. The key to understanding how we can heal the body with the help of tones lies in our understanding of how different frequencies influence genes, cells and various structures in the body”

Bruce Taino showed that organs have their own specific frequencies and “a healthy body typically has a frequency ranging from 62 to 78 MHz, while disease begins at 58 MHz.” Hefurther lists frequencies for various organs optimal state. This was further supported in the work by Dr. Franz Morell and Erich Rasche in the 1970’s who reported to be able to separate“healthy” from “pathological” frequencies.

For example, bone, between 14 and 19 resonance frequencies were identified for each subject in the frequency range 500 Hz to 7.5 kHz. The two lowest resonance frequencies were found to be on the average 972 (range 828-1164) and 1230 (range 981-1417) Hz. (Håkansson et al., 1994).

What can be considered further is that if we start to be more specific and single out neurons or inter-neurons as we go deeper and their relationship with each other, these may have an EMF of even higher frequencies when analysed as a “part of the whole”. (Hoff, 2019)

TED Talk by Physicist Jim Al-Khalili

But then there is Quantum Biology…

Quantum physics can be applied to living things in the field of quantum biology. This investigates how the discipline of quantum mechanics may explain some of the unexplained effects seen in molecular biology.

An excellent lecture can on the subject can be watched at:

Modern research has been able to demonstrate the effects of quantum tunnelling in the energy efficient enzyme cascades (Masgrau et al., 2006). Quantum coherence in photosynthesis(Engel et al., 2007) and Quantum entanglement in explaining how birds follow the Earth’s magnetic compass in migratory flights (Ritz et al., 2004).

The question has now become how quantum phenomena affect biology, rather than if they do. – Stephen Fleischfresser

It is possible that some of these effects are present in the relationship between the ANF discs and the body’s own EMF as will be described later.

Law of Resonance

Whilst most cells have multiple frequencies or ‘harmonics’, the fundamental frequency of living cells is the lowest resonant frequency. This is the frequency that two objects can influence one another via the law of resonance.

The law of resonance is most easily demonstrated in the tuning fork experiment. Here, two musical tuning forks of the same frequency are placed near each other. One is hit and the second fork will begin to vibrate, even when the initial tuning fork’s frequency is manually stopped. This is because the second tuning fork “accepts” the frequency that was emitted by the first as it structure allows it have the same resonant frequency.

Furthermore it is possible for two frequencies to enhance, disrupt or even cancel each other out due to the individual wavelengths of each frequency. I direct the reader to the physics theorems of “Consonance, Dissonance and Wave theory” for more detail in this area.

Could This Be How ANF Works?

The ANF Disc* is a carbon metal alloy that has a frequency embedded. A company that embeds the frequency describe the process as such: “The frequency is embedded by an Accelerator Frequency Generator (AFG) using coax cables attached to a large vacuum control box. This vacuum control box eliminates the interior atmosphere in the box, down to .05 (PSI), while the disks are being programmed. This allows the (AFG) to send specific (frequencies) into the box, without the normal atmosphere around them, which could cause interference in programming.”

It has adhesive backing that is attached to the patients skin that allows it to be a “wearable” device thus increasing its dosage and convenience over other biofrequency therapies such as pulsed EMF, Microcurrent and Laser. When activated by body heat, the frequency is emitted for a minimum of 72 hours.

Theoretically, the effect of ANF Therapy® is via the phenomena of “Resonance” as described earlier. It is possible that the ANF disc’s frequency is ‘accepted’ by the target structure or function to exert its effect as it has the same ‘resonant frequency’. The effect may be either in an enhancement manner via consonance (resonance) or a disruptive manner via dissonance (resonance) depending on the desired effect.

The frequencies used are the intellectual property of Aminoprohealthcare and the last 25 years of research by Dr. Mikel Hoff so are unable to be divulged. However, research by several authors over the past 3 decades have demonstrated that the frequencies of various cellular tissue and functions can be determined (Sharma and Maurya, 2017; Collier, 1989; and Taino 1992 to name but a few).

Therefore, if the “healthy frequency” (see Morell and Rasche, and Taino’s work) of the cellular tissue or function’s is known then it can be targeted using the ANF Disc* via
‘Sympathetic or Discordant Resonance” for the 72 hours that the disc is emitting its frequency.

The effect of quantum coherence may also apply; in that it describes how two energy particles can potentially be in the same place at the same time via a wave formation, rather than singular particle. This may explain the relationship between the disc and the cells inherent frequency. It is also possible that quantum entanglement my even be involved as the photons (energy) transferred from the disc to the cells and vice versa exert an effect on each other. More research is needed.

What Happens at the Cellular Level?

Faradays law demonstrates that applying a moving EMF to a conductor (eg. Nerve) will result in an electrical current (nerve impulse). Whilst this has not been demonstrated yet at cellular level the laws of physics make it a strong possibility that the application of an external resonant frequency to a local nervous system could produce an excitatory effect. This could be a possible reason for therapeutic effect.

Recent studies of cancer cells have demonstrated that tumor-specific modulation frequencies regulate the expression of genes involved in migration and invasion and disrupt the mitotic spindle (Zimmerman et al., 2013). It is hypothesized that the mechanical structure of the cancer cells vary from normal cells (Fraldi et al., 2016) that give rise to a different resonant frequency from normal cells that give potential for targeted treatment and prevention of migration.

In a study by Cheng et al. (1992) of the effects of microcurrent at the cellular level they found it to “stimulate amino acid incorporation into the proteins of the skin. The amino acid transport through the cell membrane, followed by the a-aminoisobutyric acid uptake, is stimulated between 100 pA and 750 pA. The stimulatory effects on ATP production and on amino acid transport, apparently mediated by different mechanisms, contribute to the final increased protein synthesizing activity. DNA metabolism followed by thymidine incorporation remains unaffected during the course of current application. The effects on ATP production can be explained by proton movements on the basis of the chemiosmotic theory of Mitchell, while the transport functions are controlled by modifications in the electrical gradients across the membranes.” In short, the addition of the energy frequency improved cellular membrane transport function and ATP production.

This study was supported by Funk and Monsees (2006) who also were able to demonstrate a cellular guiding gradient induced by EMF that potentially enhanced healing activity.

Finally pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) has been able to demonstrate an increase in cAMP at the cell membrane site, indicative of increased cellular membrane transport. This was associated with a significant reduction in oxygen free radicals and E2 prostoglandins (a principle mediator of inflammation) and pain levels. The study also showed there was no increase in cortisol or opioid secretion suggesting that the reduction in reported pain was dueto local and not central effects. (Battisti et al., 2000) Similar results were found in microcurrent for reduced cytokine levels in fibromyalgia patients MMcMakin et al. (2005).

Biofrequency modalities have demonstrated their efficacy at cellular level in several research papers in both animal and human studies, but do they have they demonstrated a clinical effect?

Where is the Evidence?

Koopman et al.(2009) demonstrated a positive trend in treatment of chronic low back pain, reducing VAS scores by 20% and a reduction analgesic use, with wearable frequency patches.

EI-Husseini and EI-Sebai (2007) showed a progressive decrease in pain and a lower dose of tramadol with patients post knee arthroscopic surgery using with wearable frequency patches consistently in a post-operative protocol. This was supported in a similar study by Sarhan and Doghem (2009).

Mercola & Kirsch (1995) in a summary of microcurrent frequency detail all of the research done to date on its efficacy over numerous trials. Chapman-Jones (2002) has demonstrated its efficacy in treating achilles tendinopathy and McMakin (2005, 2004 and 1998) in fibromyalgia, low back and neck pain.

Frequency modalities such as EMF, PEMF and low level laser therapy have been used successfully in clinics for decades and have several peer reviewed articles supporting their use. The articles of Stavroulakis (2013), Hug and Roosli (2012) and Chow et al. (2009) are among many that I can direct the reader to for further detail.

Despite the positive evidence for their inclusion, some frequency therapeutic studies have not continually exhibited a positive therapeutic effect. However, this is like many treatment approaches that are used across all health fields! Along with the difficult to grasp science underpinning their use, this has rendered them liable to much scepticism amongst certain elements of the health profession.

It is my opinion that the need for research designs to be reproducible makes it difficult to tailor frequency treatment to the needs of the individual, ie. the n=1 principle. This was supported in the article by Lillie (2011) stating that many studies may fall short of clinical significance as specific treatment must give way to a more homogenous approach to satisfy the needs for reduction of bias effect.

It is the challenge of the current ANF practitioner to develop a study that is designed to determine if there is a clear therapeutic effect by the addition of this modality that does not give up his principles of an individualized treatment approach.

However, I am happy to report that this has begun.

Concluding Statement

Medical Biofrequency therapy has had a chequered past. Royal Rife the pioneer of bio frequency therapy had his laboratory burnt down as he was refuted by the thinking of the time. Several research breakthroughs were exploited commercially prematurely with such gimmicks as Quantum Energy bracelets, Power bands, Energy pendants and even Bio-frequency stickers by Goop, making it difficult to associate validity with this approach.

So how is ANF Therapy® different?

First and foremost, ANF focuses on frequencies of the nervous system (much larger frequency ranges) and is only performed by primary contact health practitioners (doctors, Physios, and other allied health practitioners) that have undertaken a minimum of 56 hours of course training and passed the first examination.

The course progresses practitioners through various levels where they are taught about human biochemistry, systems and function as well as techniques in diet, exercise and recovery alongside the use of the ANF Discs*. It is impressed upon practitioners that a thorough subjective and objective examination is required to find the source of the problem before a disc is even laid. It is in this way it is used as a treatment compliment to the professional skills of each individual health practitioner, and not just an off the shelf purchased item.

An interesting parallel to ANF is the story of migratory birds. In the 1970’s it was known that the European Robin found its way from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean every autumn by using the earths gravitational field. This was accepted for over 30 years, but it was not known how. It was not regarded in the scientific world as quackery or some other derogatory term that can be found on websites describing biofrequency medicine.

It was simply not known.

Now research has shown how Quantum entanglement explains how the earth’s low magnetic field affects the electrons inside of the Robin’s cryptochrome molecule allowing it to utilize the effect as a sort of magnetic compass.

We may not have to wait 30 years to fully explain the effects of frequency on the nervous system and its effects at the cellular level but for those with a thirst for knowledge we can remain open minded. We must continue to conduct our trials, be it as a single case study to respect the individuality of treatment, or as an RCT where the case permits.

Watch this space.

Please note that this summary is the thoughts of the author and is not an official statement by Aminoprohealthcare. It should also be viewed as a summary with supporting evidence. Much greater detail is provided on the Aminoprohealthcare course structure than is described in this work.

This article cannot be reproduced or replicated without the authors expressed permission.


About the Author
Sam Leslie, Physiotherapist at Myphysio Evolution

Sam Leslie has been practicing for over 20 years and working with elite sport for the past 15. His experience extends from AFL to cycling to soccer to athletics, and more. Sam is Head Sports Physiotherapist of Athletics Victoria and, more recently, Director of Medical Services for the Nitro Athletics. He has been Head Physio for the Australian team at the past three World Universiade Games, and lectures on DMA Clinical Pilates course as well as Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF). He serves as a Strength Training Consultant to many of Australia’s best coaches and personally to over 20 of Australia’s best athletes.

His practice, MyPhysio Evolution, is regarded as one of the most progressive practices in the world, nurturing the concept that weak links in a kinetic chain, when corrected, not only reduce injury risk but lead to performance benefits. However weak links can be corrected more efficiently by addressing the nervous, lymphatic, vascular and gut systems of the body which is based on the teaching of ANF. His current research at the University of Melbourne, is on the concept of Direction Biased Resistance Training where he has written several online articles. He is also heading up a multi-centre RCT on using ANF with anterior knee pain.