Can ANF Therapy®️ Help With Issues Related to Shingles?

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Can ANF Therapy®️ Help With Issues Related to Shingles?

Shingles or Herpes zoster is a viral disease caused by reactivation of varicella-zoster virus (VZV) which is 1 of 9 herpesviruses known to have the ability to infect humans.

It was mentioned as a separate condition in the 18th century. Before then, it was misdiagnosed as chickenpox.

In childhood, when a person usually gets infected first time with VZV, it develops chickenpox disease.

After the primary infection, Herpes zoster spreads to the spinal ganglia and remains in a latent, inactive state throughout life.

The virus is activated due to the decrease in immunity, which occurs after:


-Emotional stress

-Intense physical effort

-The use of immunosuppressive drugs

-The presence of malignant diseases


The activation causes typical changes in the skin.

Reactivation can occur in any part of life, but mostly in age 50-70 in about 15% of the population that had chickenpox.

Symptoms & Clinical Picture

Shingles symptoms are varied and include: 

-Slightly increased body temperature



-Tingling and itching sensation throughout the body 

You can see blisters that are arranged in groups (or long stripes) and are filled with clear liquid on the part of the skin where limited redness is located.

The changes can be localized on one side of the body, although they can also occur on both sides (zoster duplex). 

If the part in the area of the trigeminal nerve is affected, complications in the form of conjunctivitis and damage to the cornea (zoster ophthalmicus) are possible, while zoster in the area of the auricular nerve can damage the auricular nerve.

If the abdomen is affected, the pain can be extremely severe.

Risk Factors

Many risk factors can be applied to both young people (and children) and the elderly. Although Shingles is often diagnosed in the elderly, it is not always the case. 

-Some important risk factors for shingles include:

-Being older than 50 when there is a natural decline in cell-mediated immunity

-Being diagnosed with chronic disease(s) such as diabetes, leukemia, or similar

-Being diagnosed with HIV


-Exposure to immunotoxins

-Psychological stress

-Mechanical trauma


 Can ANF Therapy®️ Help With Issues Related to Shingles?

ANF Therapy®️ may help you decrease the risks of suffering a flare-up by approaching some of those factors that could aggravate the disease.

Stress management and feeling more calm will help you prevent the disease aggravation.
Other treatment goals are reducing inflammation to avoid further damage to organs and tissues and helping optimize the immune system to decrease the intensity and duration of flare-ups.

To avoid flare-ups, try to:

-decrease mental stress

-find an activity that will help your body to relax

-get rid of excessive medication that impairs the immune system

-ANF Therapy®️ may help with pain

Our main treatment goal will be to focus on calming inflammation, optimizing your immune system / lymphatic system, and reducing pain.

Patient Statement
About ANF Therapy®️
ANF Therapy®️ uses circular ANF Discs, which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974. The ANF Therapy®️ purpose is alleviation in injury and pain within minutes Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion and an improvement in quality of life related to health. Non-transdermal non-invasive device, NO needles or chemicals are used. If you have been diagnosed with Shingles, contact us so we can explain how we can help you.
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