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Can ANF Therapy® Help with Trigger Finger Condition?

Trigger finger, otherwise called stenosing tenosynovitis, is a painful disorder that makes your fingers catch or lock when you bend them.
This condition can affect any finger or more than one finger at a time. A person can also have it in both hands.
In addition, pain resulting from this condition can occur in the palm of the hand or knuckles. Trigger finger gets its name due to the popping sound made by the affected finger when moved. In most cases, the ring finger or thumb is affected.

The Main Cause

The primary cause for developing the condition is a thickening of the tendon and its sheath in the area of the wrist. Explained more accurately, when the tendons of flexor muscles are clumped.

This condition more often affects those whose hobby or job involves excessive use of catching/grabbing movements – surgeons, pianists, drummers, tennis players, golfers and the like.
Also, the condition is more common among the female population and those who have diabetes have a greater predisposition to get it.
The inflammation of the tendon itself without damaging the sheath is called tendinitis.

Some of the symptoms may include:

  • A popping/clicking sensation when moving the finger
  • Soreness
  • Pain and stiffness when bending
  • Swelling/tender lump in the base of a finger
  • Finger locked in a bent position
  • Inability to fully flex the finger

ANF Therapy® Applied For Trigger Finger

With the use of ANF Therapy®, it is possible to find an underlying cause of the condition, and a patient may experience reduced pain.
Read below a patient’s experience with ANF Therapy® and how her trigger finger and sciatic problems were addressed:

“This is a continuation of an earlier post:
The patient came to the clinic with trigger finger and sciatic problems, which had afflicted her for years. She had surgery done on both her hands
previously, and although it eased off some of her pain and numbness, she was still unable to clench her fists.
See (the video) how in less than 30 minutes of ANF Therapy®, she was able to close her fists much better than before. And this was only her first session.
In subsequent treatments, with our unique combo of chiropractic,
ANF Therapy® and various other therapies, we were able to help her even further, alleviating her hand issues and sciatic pain till they were almost all gone. So if you or someone you know suffers from trigger finger, carpal
tunnel or sciatica, share this post with them. Let them know that help is available.”

– via Dr Andrew Ching, Chiropractor @Arc of Life Chiropractic SG

About ANF Therapy® 

ANF Therapy® uses circular ANF Discs which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974.
The ANF Therapy® purpose is alleviation in injury and pain within minutes.
Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion, and an improvement in quality of life-related to health. Non-transdermal non-invasive device, NO needles or chemicals are used.

Please contact ANF Therapy® if you want to know more about this treatment and how it can help you address hand pain and other complications.

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