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Can ANF Therapy® Help With Issues Related to Lupus?

The first written mention of Lupus disease dates to the Middle Ages, and still, this chronic

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Can ANF Therapy® Help With Diabetes Issues?

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease/condition that occurs because the body does not produce (or inadequately

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Meniscus Tear in Knee

One of the frequently occurring knee injuries is a meniscus tear. Experience faster healing with ANF

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Can ANF Therapy® Help to Reduce Pain When Bruised?

Bruises are described as marks that appear on the skin when tiny blood vessels called capillaries

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Can ANF Therapy® Help with Trigger Finger Condition?

A Trigger finger, is a painful disorder that makes your fingers catch or lock when you

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What Happens When You Don’t Get Enough Sleep?

Sleeping is important to all of us. It is a basic need, which if not met,

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