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Explore and know more about ANF Therapy®
Get updated on newly released ANF Courses All all over the world
Where you can purchase ANF Discs
You can also buy ANF-related products here
Access to course materials, protocols, tutorials, videos, and articles according to your course level. Also includes a forum where members can ask questions and answered by the instructors.
Where ANF Therapists share useful information and success stories. *Approved members only.
Directory of our certified ANF Therapists from around the world.
Where you can purchase ANF Discs
You can also buy ANF-related products here
Get updates of what’s happening with the ANF family including, events, photos and videos.
ANF official Instagram account
ANF official You Tube channel with videos of helpful tips, plus therapists’ and clients’ testimonials.
All questions related to protocols should be asked in the courses forums on the e-learning platform. It is strictly prohibited to post protocols on public social media.

Who can you contact regarding orders,
shipping, tracking numbers, customs, products etc.

The best way to contact us for any type of help is through the Support Ticket system.

You will find the link on the webshop or on the e-learning platform.
Select the category of help that you need in order to send your request to the relevant team member.
You can also use the information below but the answer time might be longer.

Please EMAIL first and ONLY USE WhatsApp in emergency cases.

European Orders, Webshop​

Clara Ramirez & Anca
Daily 9:30am to 2:00pm EU time

AUS or NZ Orders, Webshop​

Suzie & Claire
Daily but no specific time

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