My evaluation skills have reached a new level of proficiency, thanks to ANF Academy

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Interview with Dr. Yaman Qattea

My evaluation skills have reached a new level of proficiency, thanks to ANF Academy

Yaman Qattea is a doctor of physical therapy from the USA, but he is currently working in Saudi Arabia. He is a doctor of physical therapy & a certified ANF therapist.

When did you join ANF education, and what expectations did you have? 

I was introduced to ANF Therapy®️ three years ago. I was not available to join then because I was doing my doctorate. One of my students, Waleed from Saudi, joined ANF two years before me. I joined at the end of 2020.

I graduated from a physical therapy school in 1988. With all my years of experience, I know that some challenging patients don’t improve with physical therapy or medication. And I have heard about ANF and that it works with those cases. 

That was the biggest attraction from my side, to join ANF this late in my life. I am so impressed and thankful that I have joined.

You said that as a physical therapist, sometimes you cannot help with every kind of condition or type of pain without ANF. Is that right? 

That is true.  

What kind of patient cases? 

I had so many patients with fibromyalgia, neuritis, and other conditions like frozen shoulder and severe diabetes. Those patients were always a challenge for every medical practitioner. 

I had three sisters who had fibromyalgia. I think it’s part of their lifestyle, genetic, or something else because the whole family has fibromyalgia. I have seen miracles with those patients with ANF. 

In the past, I tried everything with the same patients with no improvement. I have tried ultrasound, laser, and electrical stimulation. The improvement was all temporary, and then it went back. 

In conventional medicine, there is nothing that you can offer those people. But with ANF, these people can be witnesses to what I have said.

One described her case: “I’ve been to hell, and I moved to heaven with ANF.” So this is a great statement. She mentioned that so many times and have been telling everybody. She’s the primary source of my other patients coming to the clinic. 

You said that you could help patients with diabetes or fibromyalgia. How can you, as a physical therapist, help? It is an orthopedic course, so is the spectrum of conditions and diseases you can help with ANF extensive?

ANF is a whole era of medicine. I’m not saying that it is specialized in orthopedic cases, neuro cases, or anything.

It’s ortho and neuro. So fibromyalgia is part of it. I don’t care about titles; I’m happy as long as I can help my patients. The principles are there. You can choose from those medical devices if you know how and understand the principles. You can help almost every person that comes through your clinic. I have tried so many different cases. 

I also did ANF on myself for my eyes. I could see you now without my glasses, and I see you better with the glasses. In the past, I could not even take my glasses off my face for a minute. I used MF2, which is mental focus, and I used energy devices on the sides of the head. It helped me so much with my vision. 

If you know the principle, it doesn’t matter how you classify your patient’s disease. You can help them better than any other options out there. 

What do your patients usually say about ANF?

They say a lot of good things about ANF and how ANF helps them after trying everything else.

I have an interview with a doctor who is a consultant family physician. He is my patient and diabetic. He came to me and said that he had tried everything. I introduced ANF to him, hoping we could get results.

 He drinks a little water. So firstly, I put him on a water program for three days. I said, if you are serious, then you will come back. Then he returned and said he drank one cup of water every hour. So we applied the devices to him. The interview was before the fourth session. His arm movement went from only 90 degrees to a full range of motion with minimal pain of no more than 5% left. 

I told him we had to be serious if he wanted to start ANF. So he started taking his medicine on time. He controlled his diabetes and had good hydration. The results were terrific. After three sessions, he got a full range of motion. He said, “I have only slight tightness to work on.”

It’s impressive.

Yes. In the past, this patient tried almost 48 sessions of physical therapy with very minimal improvement. With ANF, after three sessions in precisely 12 days, the patient had a full range of motion with almost no pain except about 5%. 

It is one of the cases I had the most success. I have successful results with every single patient that comes through my clinic.

One patient did not improve with me because he does not drink water. He consumes two and a half liters of soda every day. And he’s a dentist. I said it’s not going to help you. So I refuse to treat him after the first session. I said that until you change your lifestyle, I can’t help you. 

What are the usual root causes of frozen shoulder? Because to remove the pain and help the patient, you need to find and address the root cause. For example, the one you had, what was the root cause?

A frozen shoulder is an injury that could come from so many reasons. It may start with as little as tendonitis of the muscles around the shoulder joint, or it may begin as a trauma. 

You have to know and take a good history of the patients. The most significant part we have learned with ANF is how to palpate and see what nerve is involved and inflamed. 

And when you know the root cause of that problem, it does not matter if it is frozen shoulder, neck pain, or shoulder pain. You have to find the root cause, and then you can treat it from there. To me, a frozen shoulder is not a diagnosis by itself. It is a result of so many other things that are involved in that injury.

What we do is we evaluate the patient, and we palpate every single inch of that patient’s shoulder, neck, chest, back, and upper back. We do that until we find that specific inflamed nerve or nerves and deal with them. 

The first regimen is that I would always start with pain and inflammation and also include antioxidants, blood flow, and circulation. We go to deeper tissues until we finish treating the whole injury. 

The idea is every patient is different. Some patients have acute inflammation, others have chronic inflammation, and others have edema. 

ANF offers a variety of devices that helps with every single symptom you find in your patient on a specific depth and injury you are dealing with.

What I like about ANF is there are no general protocols. You need to adjust it for every patient. 

That’s true. It is, it is patient-specific, and it has to be. Medicine should not be one size fits all at any time. 

I agree. What did you learn through ANF that no other education or therapy has shown you?

 I am so thankful to my teachers at the ANF Academy. I used to teach anatomy and physiology in the past. I have taught in the US and Saudi. I do many educational courses, but I have learned in depth how to palpate every nerve and layer. 

Palpation skill is a mastery in the ANF Academy. I will recommend ANF to every practitioner, doctor, physical therapist, etc.

In the ANF Academy, I have learned many skills and a new way of looking at the patient holistically. Physical therapists tend to look local, into orthopedic injuries in particular. 

But sometimes, shoulder pain could radiate from your gall bladder or elsewhere, so you must trust your palpation skills and not referred pain.

 Would you also treat that pain locally if you didn’t join ANF? Wouldn’t you think about involving organs?

True. Physical therapy modalities and exercises usually concentrate on a local level of injury. Yes, we evaluate the whole body but don’t look into referred pain. And if referred pain is from a gall bladder, that’s not in the scope of practice for physical therapists. 

With ANF, it gives you an idea that something else needs to be looked at, and there’s a little device you can put on the liver, which helps with shoulder pain too. 

ANF Academy has improved my evaluation skills to a higher level and looking into other issues besides just the local area. From the day I joined, I loved the academy. The most significant part of what I love about the academy is the feeling of being in a family.

It’s not like a college where you get in and then get out. ANF is family and friends who are, to me, going to stay my friends forever. This is the best part. 

The other part is continued education. The education at the ANF Academy continues after you finish a course. 

It’s course after course and discussion after discussion. Consultations are open all the time. And you can talk to Dr. Mikel or Irina any time, or you can also write to them. 

Our teachers are so humble and open to suggestions and questions. Continuing education is the most significant upside you get from the academy. It is a different experience. 

I have a master’s and doctorate and many other diplomas. But this is the first time I have seen this kind of experience from an educational standpoint that follows up with you. 

Like now, you are talking to and interviewing me after I graduated many months ago.

That tells me we are part of the ANF family, not just a group that graduated. 

For example, I graduated from one big university in the United States. After my graduation, I have yet to hear from them. I did my doctorate and research there. It was a great experience, but there was no follow-up from them. There is no family environment. 

The last time I was in Marbella, they asked me if I was coming back. I said I think I have to. I enjoyed it there. ANF has wonderful people, and I cannot say enough good things about the people there. I miss every single one of them. I’m sure that we will meet again so many times. 

ANF is also a community. What many practitioners love about ANF is that they can rely on each other. If they get stuck with a particular case, they can ask for help from the teachers and their peers. Did you have a similar experience?

We have an outstanding team. In my clinic, I have convinced three other therapists to join ANF. We discuss every single case together, and we interact all the time. Sometimes, I consult with Waleed or Irina, and other times with Dr. Mikel. And also Florin from Romania. 

We all talk all the time.

They send me questions, and I send them answers, and vice versa. And we discuss cases all the time. All the students who went with me to Marbella have become close friends rather than just classmates. So we are still in contact and maintain a good friendship. 

If I have a question or case that needs to be improved, I can also put it in the forum. And I get an answer within hours sometimes, or within one or two days maximum.

I will get detailed answers, and tons of people worldwide will write about similar cases. When you join ANF Academy, there is a whole different practice.

Do you have a favorite ANF device? Which one and why? 

ANF devices are like my children. Which one is my favorite? All of them are. But my practice always needs antioxidants and pain and inflammation devices. 

If you ask me what my favorite is, it is hard to decide because you will need a combination. ANF devices are the same as ANF Academy. You cannot separate one from the others.

Can you help strengthen the immune system using ANF devices?

I do that with my own family, myself, and my patients. The general protocol for immunity is increasing those antioxidants so that the patient has enough resources to heal himself.  

Now, I have a device you can put on which improves your system’s production, realization, and accumulation of resources. And it’s all-natural. It has no chemicals. This device re-normalizes your body to utilize what you have.

Many Saudi Arabian patients have stagnant lymphatic systems because they don’t drink much water. It’s also scorched and hot here in certain areas. 

This compromises the immune system, circulatory system, and lymphatic system. I have seen many patients with lymphoedema, lipidemia, and many others. It’s also a lifestyle change before using the ANF device.

If ANF will ever fails one day on a patient, it would be because that patient doesn’t understand the seriousness of his problem. This is a lifestyle change alongside the treatment itself. You cannot just put on the devices on anyone unwilling to drink water.

Is there something you would like to say to those who are considering joining ANF education?

Anybody willing to learn and wants to improve will always accept joining ANF Academy. If somebody is busy, then they have their reasons. I treat a lot of medical doctors in my clinic, some of whom have already joined, while others are going to join very soon.

The detailed learning that you have in ANF is only found here. I am telling you about this after years of experience and attending many US colleges.

I never learned so many details of evaluation and palpation as I have learned in ANF in a short time compared to the years of studying in schools.

Thank you

About ANF Therapy®️ 

ANF Therapy®️ uses circular ANF Discs which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974.

The ANF Therapy®️ purpose is alleviation in injury and pain within minutes.

Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion, and an improvement in quality of life-related to health. Non-transdermal non-invasive device, NO needles or chemicals are used.

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