I would like to give the most credits to Mikel H-g Hoff once again. I treated someone with the simplest pain protocol with a bit of muscle lengthening. May not seem like much. But my heart absolutely melted when I saw an elder man cry from the pain relief. The pain haunted him for long making work a torture for him. I was so touched. This is why I do what I do. Thank you!

Eugene Tan,

I attest to the wonders of ANF as well. Suffered similar trauma but experienced different kind of pain triggered by a salivary gland infection. The inflammation was so bad in my neck even my scalp and gums n tongue were swollen. Also had tinnitus and the pain shoots into my middle ear yet the ENT said it’s psychological and I knew it wasn’t . 5 specialists could not help me beside prescribing seizure medicines for the pain which caused a lot of side effects and other treatments from the orthopaedic caused me more pain. Thanks to Arc of Life Chiropractic Singapore Dr Andrew Ching . I have myself back. It’s literally like going to hell and back. Thank God we went to him to help my Son with his back, recommended by a friend. I am so thankful just for the fact that I can be well today.

Gladys Tan,

I would like to announce a Big Thank You of appreciation to Dr.Mikel H-g Hoff and Sanne Kiilerich for the invention, development and collaboration of this Innovative therapy! Continuing to improve people's lives every day 🥂🎉💐

Laura Aimee,

An amazing, breathtaking, and humbling day today treating my most complicated case since being in clinical practice. To see the change in this man life, has forever changed my perception about how I choose to heal the body. To say the least, a man who came in a wheel chair, could barley see, balance issues, and speech impairment... was able to walk, talk better, vision improved, and made his wife smile. This is what I live for.. oh, did I mention, I cried today? wow... talk about being overwhelmed and overfilled with joy - crazy I have to fly all the way to Spain to experience this. Cheers all.

Doc Emeka,

Was part of Myphysio Evolution Wyndhamvale four-day course this week under the guidance of Sam Leslie and Co. Suffering from a number of issues, I have noticed improvement to my shoulders, and my Achilles was barely noticeable during training. Positive signs.

Graham Walsh,

Sticky has terrible anxiety when it rains and thunders. She’s clingy and shaky. With the help of Caren Lieberman, she recommended I place and mc disc on her head. Well, about an hour later, we have calm...and she wants to brave the elements and go outside. Houston, we have success. Thank you Liam Buell for also responding to my request for help. We are blessed to be among such caring mentors.

Peder Iverson,

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