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Interview with Renata Von Kouh-Wright

With ANF, I see miracles every day!

Renata Von Kouh-Wright is a Physiotherapist (BSc), an Osteopath (BSc) and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) based in Dubai. She joined ANF Therapy®️ in 2017. Her main goal with physiotherapy and why she got into healthcare was to relieve pain and help patients.

Welcome to the ANF Academy. We’re glad to have you here again. How does it feel to be back?

It’s like being back home.

I want to know why. Because many therapists and instructors have said that ANF Academy is like their second home. Why is that?

I think it’s how ANF embraces you. You come here not only as a student but as part of the family. We start with so much care, love, and respect that we feel like family.

We build nice friendships every time we come here. We speak so many times through the forums and help each other online that we kind of know each other without meeting in person. Coming here is like being home.

How does it feel to have that kind of strong bond with your peers from all over the world?

I have that sense of belonging. I know that I can count on them, especially on cases that I can’t sort out. I know I have someone I can run to. It’s like how children run to their mothers, and having Dr. Mikel and my colleagues as big brothers. I can ask for their help, and I can also help them. It’s a nice feeling.

Santiago Villamil ANF Therapy
And therapists and healthcare professionals are not used to that, right? 

No, they’re not. I think there are those who are really looking into resolving issues passionately. I think it is a passion. ANF is not easy and it is not for everyone. It takes a lot of effort and thinking and you have to be present constantly.

You have to be always refreshing your knowledge which is the reason why we often come here. But it’s amazing because you know that you have your answers. You know that this is your place and you can always get better and better.

What would your practice be like if you didn’t have ANF in your toolbox?

I have to say that it would be boring. I almost gave up on physiotherapy many years ago. With my personal health history, I have always been searching for answers for my own. Medical school never actually gave me answers.

They gave me solutions but not answers. I have always asked why. As a kid, I was always asking why? I know a lot of kids do but I was always asking why. I don’t accept things just because it has been like that. I say, “No, but why.” 

My main goal with physiotherapy and when I got into healthcare was to relieve pain. Think for example a patient with a frozen shoulder. You have to break a lesion and the patient is screaming but you carry on. But then the patient still comes back to you and says they have more pain. For me, this is not right.

I wanted to go deeper so I also went to study osteopathy and have been to so many courses, but nothing really gave me answers.

And then I met Dr. Mikel and suddenly he tells me all the answers. Nowadays I have to say, I struggle to treat patients who don’t want to try ANF because I don’t want to just keep putting on band-aids. I tell my patients they have a choice.

Do you want to tell me that only with ANF you can provide desired results?


They can experience pain reduction within the first session?

Yes. I can say that ever since starting with ANF, I have seen miracles on a daily basis. That’s actually what I think our mission in healthcare is, sorting out patients. We have patients who come in a wheelchair and leave walking.

In the first session?

Yes. I recently had a case, a lady who came all the way from the Philippines to be treated. She couldn’t bend her knee. She had really bad osteoarthritis for more than thirty years. She came because of her daughter. Her daughter had chronic lower back pain and the pain was gone after three sessions. Eight years of back pain were gone in three sessions of ANF.

This daughter said she was going to bring her mom. Her mom had done PRPs and injections and a lot of things, but she doesn’t get better, only temporarily. 

She came for her first session and she was of course in a lot of pain. She couldn’t bend her knee, especially the right knee.

We put the discs on, she sits, and her knee bends. She was surprised. She stood up and said she can run a marathon. She felt so good and she was able to walk.

How do you feel when you see their reaction?

I can’t really explain. There is a sense of fulfillment. Its mission accomplished. It’s the reason why I studied and why I’m so passionate. I’ve always wanted to help people in pain.

Now, you have regained your purpose.

Yes. I have been with ANF since 2017 and I literally, cannot stop.

Were there any challenges that ANF helped you overcome?

My own health was the biggest one for sure. I’ve had the frustrations of wanting to know more and wanting questions to be answered. There used to be both frustration and anger in my life for many years. ANF helped me to overcome them. 

I have said to Dr. Mikel that we have a love-and-hate relationship. I used to hate him during my first course but he made me feel so good. 

But for what reason, because he gave you the answers you were looking for so many years?

I was so frustrated. How come no one ever explained this to me? How can this man do it in just three or four days while I have been looking for so many years?

With some patients, I thought I would not be able to help them anymore and I lose hope. With ANF, I’m able to help them even beyond. It’s a journey.

Can you tell me a case or scenario that took you a long time to achieve but now with ANF you can obtain the desired results much faster?

I think a frozen shoulder is one of them. Any therapist would relate to that. It used to be when a frozen shoulder comes in, I would think here it comes nearly six months of treatment but not much gain. But now with ANF, in only one session, you can regain a full range of motion the majority of the time. 

How do they react when they see that?

It’s interesting. One of my first patients with a frozen shoulder was an engineer. He didn’t believe it and he said no. 

Did he ask many questions?

Yes. I still do the hands-on as we all do, as Dr. Mikel does. I did all the tissue release and worked on mobility. I said, “Now, we’re going to put on the ANF Devices.” So I put the Device and he was not believing. 

And then he said for the next session, I’m going to keep this on because I feel so good, and I have movement. He said for the next session he doesn’t want me to do any hands-on and just put on the Device. And I said ok. And I didn’t. 

It was very funny because I have the video that he allowed me to share. He said to take the device off just to see the difference. When I took it off, he said to put it back on because he did see the difference. He said, “These things really work.” So yes, I get reactions like that every day.

Yes, but there are many skeptics everywhere.

Yes, But what I always say is that I was also a skeptic. Every time, when Dr. Mikel gives me one of the certificates, he says, “For my most skeptical student.” And I know that’s me. Of course, it’s hard, especially after surgery and years of taking morphine and medications. Suddenly, I discover that these little devices can do that for me without taking any chemicals and they actually clean my body.

I started like that, a skeptic. But what I say to my patients is that they have to be skeptical for sure. We have to ask questions and doubt things in life in order to grow. But you also have to be open. 

Believe without believing and doubt without completely doubting. Be open and try. Again, if it doesn’t work, perhaps you’re not ready for it yet. Like life, everything has its own time.

What did you learn here in the ANF Academy that no other tool or therapy showed you?

Again, finding the root cause of issues. I learned physiological explanations. When we studied in medical school, we studied histology, pathology, physiology, pharmacology, etc. We have to inject animals and stuff and do lab tasks but the dots were never connected. 

Why am I learning this? How do A, B, and C together form the full system in the body? Thank God we now have functional medicine and other things that are coming up now that has a little bit more of this big picture. But we never were able to connect the dots. 

That’s what Dr. Mikel does. And it’s so amazing to see that if I connect here to here, boom, the magic happens.

Why is gaining advanced palpation skills so important?

It’s important definitely. Dr. Mikel always says that we have to be able to do surgery with our hands. 

I did five years of medical physiotherapy in medical school. I did osteopathy. But still, I question how I don’t know about these. It’s fascinating how your hands can tell you and guide you.

When your hands are really connected to your brain, you can just tell what the patient needs. I start palpating and my brain just tells me like this is needing carnosine or something.

It’s connecting. And the surgery with hands, it’s really amazing. It’s a true thing and what you learn here.

It is the most important part before applying the devices?

Oh, that’s for sure. Dr. Mikel says and what I always repeat to my patients and especially to my students, is that “If you didn’t get better, you didn’t find the root cause.”

I keep it as a legacy to carry. Find the root cause and it is your hands that are going to find it.

Otherwise, you’re just masking the symptoms. 


Do you have something to say to those that never heard of ANF Therapy®️ or want to start the education but haven’t made the decision yet?

Yes. I would say that again, it’s not for everyone. But if you’re passionate and you feel like you really want to help people bring back their quality of life, if you want to look for the root cause and treat it from there, then, this is for you. So be open and ask questions.

Dr. Mikel is used to skeptics too. It’s something that you have to try to understand. It’s impossible to just look and judge it. We have no idea how these little Devices can make a difference, in the physiology and deeper into the cellular level of patients. So, if you haven’t decided yet, do not miss it because it is a life-changer.

How has therapy impacted your clinic income?

That’s a good question. For sure we have to buy the ANF Devices and they’re initial money that you have to invest. You have the Devices. But once you start working with ANF and people see results, thank God, now my agenda, my schedule is now always full. I’ve never had three or four months on the waitlist and people fighting to get in before.

It is a good reassurance knowing that I have people waiting for treatment. It means I’m doing something very good. I’m helping people. When you’re doing something good and doing the right thing, money just comes.

With ANF, it’s even more reassuring, and have the peace of mind of having my agenda full for three months. It means my income for the next three months is full as well. It is really amazing.

Thank you, Renata, for this interview and see you here again.

Yes, hopefully.

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About ANF Therapy®️ 

ANF Therapy®️ uses circular ANF Discs which are applied directly on the skin after palpation and assessment by a trained ANF Therapist following the ANF Therapy Method, Patented Model no. U202030252, ES1259974.

The ANF Therapy®️ purpose is alleviation in injury and pain within minutes.

Our aim is that the patient experiences a reduction of pain and swelling, an increase in range of motion, and an improvement in quality of life-related to health. Non-transdermal non-invasive device, NO needles or chemicals are used.

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