The ANF Discs

Wearable pain treatment and solution at any age

There are currently over 180 different discs, each with their unique specification and function.
By combining the different discs, we can normalize and optimize all body functions (nerves, muscles, organs, lymphatic system and hormonal production).
The discs, made of carbonized metal, exclusively release electrical frequencies stored in them.
These frequencies are already used by the body to function; the discs only amplify them. By doing so, the body’s functions start to work normally again or are strengthened and/or normalized.
Discs do not contain or release any substance which can harm the body. The treatment does not require the use of needles or drugs.

Content and information about the ANF discs

  • Non-invasive
  • Made of carbonized metal
  • Skin-friendly antibacterial 3M tape on the back
  • CE & TGA registered and FDA licensed
  • Over 180 different discs
  • All with unique frequencies
  • No chemical substances released
  • Does not contain organic substances
  • Works up to 72 hours

Store your ANF Discs

Discs must always be kept separate in anti-static bags provided by your therapist. By doing so, discs do not lose their frequency and thereby their effect. Be aware that scanners, such as the security ones at airports neutralize the frequencies if discs are not stored in the anti-static bags. Kindly remember to bring the empty bags with you at each consultation, to take new discs with you if needed.

Treatment Goals & Phases


Phase 1: “Holistic” Injury Treatment

We firstly treat the injury by applying the ANF Discs in order to address the inflammation(s) and therefore reduce the pain as quickly as possible. How long the treatment will last depends entirely on how your body responds to the therapy and how well you listen to your body. The treatment duration will also vary if you are under any medications, as this may slow down the therapy’s effectiveness. During the initial phase, most ANF Therapy clients experience some detox effects. This can be uncomfortable but it is a positive sign. It indicates that your body is responding to the therapy and is working to heal.


Phase 3: Regeneration Phase

Once the inflammation is removed, the regeneration of muscle tissues can take place. You will be guided on how to best train the affected areas and your entire body. It is important that you still listen to your body; do not over-exert yourself and push your body above the pain threshold.


Phase 2: In-depth Focus Phase

At this stage of the treatment, the most common and serious inflammation show significant improvements and the number of patches to be applied is substantially reduced.
The focus will now be on a more in-depth treatment of the concerned areas. You may experience that the pain “shifts” to other areas of your body. The “new” pain or discomfort is actually linked to an existing inflammation. You may not have noticed it earlier as there were stronger inflammation in the body, now addressed by the therapy. The body and mind is able to perceive only the most acute pain at any given point in time.

Phase 4: Maintenance Phase. Health Body Balance.

Once the injury treatment ends, you may have no more pain and the affected area is normalized. You can choose to support your immune system and reduce the risk for new injuries by applying a maintenance treatment.


As an ANF Therapy patient, you will be advised and guided on how to apply the discs you need.

You may get a protocol, so you can see where to apply the discs. We recommend that you follow our instructions and do not change the protocol without consulting us.


Apply the discs on clean, dry skin (avoid applying body cream, where the discs are to be placed). Discs are made with 3M antibacterial tape. They are activated by body heat, so you can slightly massage the concerned area before applying the discs. When removing the discs, please do it slowly to avoid pain and skin irritation.


Discs release frequencies for up to 72 hours and should generally only be changed every three days. If discs loosen before 72 hours, it is because the body has absorbed all the available frequency. A new disc should be applied to replace the used disc. This typically happens only within the first 1-3 days of treatment.